Agnus Castus Plus – 60 Capsules


Agnus Castus Plus from NaturLíder is a fantastic natural supplement, based on Sauzgatillo (agnus castus), a plant indicated to help improve imbalances with excess estrogen, making it special for those women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome and irregular cycles. menstrual, repowered with vitamin B6.

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  • Main characteristics of the Agnus Castus Plus from NaturLíder
  • Composition of Agnus Castus Plus from NaturLíder
  • Why take Agnus Castus Plus from NaturLíder?
  • How to take Agnus Castus Plus?
  • Get the well-being you expect on the difficult days of menstruation with Agnus Castus Plus from NaturLíder, a product that will help you normalize your menstrual cycle in a completely natural way.

    The renowned NaturLíder brand has developed an excellent natural product, with a unique effectiveness, made for those women who want greater well-being when presenting their menstruation, it is Agnus Castus Plus, a supplement based on Sauzgatillo, a medicinal plant with totally beneficial properties to treat menstrual problems, since it has active compounds that regulate the female reproductive system, helping to normalize menstrual cycles and combat disorders such as premenstrual syndrome, which is essential so that you can perform better in your day to day. This supplement helps regulate your menstrual cycles, which is important for those women who wish to conceive, allowing them to know which days are most likely to ovulate, it also has an excellent dose of vitamin B6, which helps the normal functioning of the nervous system and completes its effect synergistically.

    Main features of the Agnus Castus Plus by NaturLíder

    • Helps normalize menstrual cycles
    • Helps in disorders such as premenstrual syndrome
    • Helps balance estrogen levels
    • Contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system
    • Helps regulate hormonal activity
    • Effectively improves menstrual problems
    • Provides better physical and mental performance
    • 100% natural product

    Composition of the Agnus Castus Plus by NaturLíder

    This wonderful product comes in a presentation in capsules that improve its absorption when entering the body, providing its benefits with greater effectiveness. It is a natural product without artificial components that may be harmful to health.

    Content per dose (1 capsule):

    • Contains 96 mg of dry extract of agnus castus berries
    • It has 1.4 mg of vitamin B6, among other natural ingredients

    why take the Agnus Castus Plus by NaturLíder?

    Its special formula makes it a first-hand product, which will serve as an ally to turn the days of menstruation into calmer and more bearable days and thus allow you to do all your activities with total normality, making you feel safer and more confident. It provides you with peace of mind and a healthier life. It is the ideal supplement for you, since it will give you that feeling of improvement that will allow you to carry out your routine activities with complete normality, providing you with peace of mind on those difficult days.

    It is ideal for women with menstrual problems, since it improves your health in a natural way, without having to worry about stopping your daily activities on those difficult days of menstruation, since this wonderful supplement will help you lead a more normal and calm life, providing you with the well-being that you long for.

    How to take Agnus Castus Plus?

    • Take 1 capsule
    • Take preferably at the same time
    • Take 1 time a day


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