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The After is a powder drink designed by BiotechUSA to be ingested after training which contains 20 active substances, Amino Acids, Carbohydrates, BCAAs and Creatine that help improve the functioning of the body and muscles, which will help you achieve your goals. sports more effectively.

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  • Main characteristics of After from Biotech USA
  • What is in each shot of the Biotech USA After?
  • What is Biotech USA After taken for?
  • How is the After taken?
  • Take After from BiotechUSA and achieve prompt and effective muscle recovery after training.

    The After from BiotechUSA is a post-workout drink that contains a complex of Essential Amino Acids, protein components necessary for the body to function properly, which must necessarily be taken with the daily diet because the body does not synthesize them by itself, crucial for the maintenance of the body and life. It also contains Basic and Essential Branched-Channel Amino Acids (BCAAs) whose main task in the body is to form proteins inside the body, essential to form and maintain organic tissues satisfactorily, usually used for muscle recovery. Similarly, it contains Creatine which substantially improves performance and power during high-impact sports practices, encourages the increase of fat-free muscle mass, helps improve energy levels, strength, recovery and delays the onset of fatigue. fatigue. Another important element in the After is the Complex Carbohydrates that help regulate the metabolism of proteins and fats, as well as being an important source of energy for all the functions of the body.In addition, this powder drink designed by BiotechUSA is enhanced with vitamins and minerals that help essential body processes such as stabilizing blood sugar levels or achieving normal psychological function.

    Main features of the After from Biotech USA

    • Improves the general functioning of the organism.
    • It promotes the rapid recovery of the muscles.
    • Considerably favors the metabolism.
    • It greatly improves the functioning of the muscles.
    • Contributes to the maintenance of normal blood sugar level.
    • Promotes normal protein synthesis.
    • Helps easily metabolize carbohydrates.
    • They significantly reduce fatigue and tiredness.
    • Contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system.

    What's in each shot of the After from Biotech USA?

    This wonderful product designed by BiotechUSA with safe and carefully selected ingredients comes in a convenient 420g container.

    Content per dose (21 g):

    • Contains 4000 mg of Basic and Essential Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs).
    • Contains 5930 mg of Glutamine Complex.
    • It has 3000 mg of Creatine.
    • It has 5.3 gr of carbohydrates.
    • It has 330 mg of Ca-HMB.
    • With 4 Vitamins and 4 different Minerals.

    What is it taken for? After from Biotech USA?

    BiotechUSA's After powder drink is a great sports supplement to take at the end of your workout as it excellently helps muscles recover after strong and demanding physical activity, optimizing body function in general. It is also an Aspartame-free product and has no preservatives.

    If you burn a lot of calories, play sports and put your body to work, you should take After and in this way you can replenish the energy spent, recover the valuable nutrients, minerals and salts that you lose during training and promote muscle regeneration and growth.If you are looking to increase the results of your daily training, After from BiotechUSA is for you.

    How is the After taken?

    • Take 21 gr mixed with water.
    • Take immediately after training.
    • Take 1 time a day.


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