Adipo col on clean – 15 sachets


Adipo col on clean from Prisma Natural is an incredible dietary supplement designed to regulate intestinal transit, improving digestion, the absorption of nutrients in food, eliminating excess gas in the intestines and reducing inflammation in them.

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Adipo col on clean from Prisma Natural, improves the intestinal function of your body in a natural way

Adipo col on clean from Prisma Natural is a supplement designed to improve the intestinal health of the body from all areas, starting by positively influencing digestion, eliminating toxins accumulated in the intestine that can cause oxidation and premature cellular aging, improving mobility intestinal to go to the bathroom more often, eliminating problems related to constipation, improving the metabolism of the gastric area, accelerating digestion, making the most of the nutrients in food and increasing the efficiency of the intestinal mucosa.

These incredible effects are achieved thanks to its totally natural ingredients such as fennel, mallow, inulin, plantago ovata, aloe vera, rhubarb, tamarind and Dygezime digestive enzymes, so Adipo col on clean from Prisma Natural will be a true ally in improving intestinal activity at all levels.

Digestion is an extremely important process for the health of the body since it is there where the nutrients of the food we consume are absorbed, which normally occurs between the stomach and the intestines, so it is important to improve the functions of these organs. And since there is no better way to do it than with totally natural ingredients, Prisma Natural brings you its new Adipo col on clean, an excellent regularizer of intestinal activity, ideal for anyone looking to improve their health from within.

An excellent natural supplement to strengthen all intestinal processes, from the digestion and absorption of nutrients to the mobilization of stool for more continuous evacuations, Adipo col on clean from Prisma Natural promises to be the only product you will need to regularize your intestinal activity in a regular way. optimal, without having to resort to products with synthesized or chemical ingredients that could put your health at risk. Always opt for natural products when it comes to supplementing your diet, opt for Adipo col on clean from Prisma Natural.

Properties of Adipo col on clean from Prisma Natural

  • Speeds up intestinal transit
  • Improves digestion
  • Improves the absorption of nutrients from food
  • Regulates intestinal activity
  • Improves the frequency of bowel movements
  • Made with 100% natural products
  • Accelerates gastric metabolism

With Adipo col on clean from Prisma Natural you will not need another product to regularize your intestinal activity, with 100% natural ingredients, positive results are guaranteed.

recommended useDirections: Dilute one sachet in 250ml of cold water, take preferably before bedtime or on an empty stomach.


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