Adipo-block cleansing – 250ml


The Adipo Block Depur from Prisma Natural is an excellent food supplement, in a meringue presentation. Improve your metabolism, cleanse your body in the healthiest and most natural way that only Prisma Natural can offer you. This product gives you anti-stress properties, and protects your stomach and organs of your body.

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Adipo Block Depur. The best ally to maintain your internal and external physical health naturally, now comes in a meringue presentation, very practical and easy to prepare.

Adipo Block Depur from Prisma Natural, is a protein drink that excludes fatty waste from the body that damage metabolism, its rich natural chocolate flavor activates the appetite by cleaning the body contaminated by the intake of products, such as junk food, soft drinks, such as soft drinks, non-natural tea.

Adipo Block Depur by Prisma Natural, not only gives the body positive benefits in terms of intestinal and digestive functions, but also completely cleanses the organs of physical resistance such as the kidney, liver and lungs, leaving both the urinary and respiratory tracts free and improving their functioning. . With this product you can enjoy the exquisite flavor of a nutritious meringue, easy and quick to prepare, which you can take wherever you go, either ready or to prepare. With Adipo Block Depur from Prisma Natural, you can prepare the best drink with slimming and purifying properties in just a few seconds.

Adipo Block Depur by Prisma Natural It is important in your daily diet, since every athlete or sportsperson must cleanse or purify the body at least 2 times a year, and with the intake of this product you provide the body not only with maximum cleansing, but also with a safe purification. to continue maintaining the ideal weight, or even to make you lose unwanted weight, until you reach your ideal size, allowing you to show off that figure that you have wanted so much and giving you vitality, dexterity, energy and security when carrying out your sports or athletic routines . Spice up your days with this unique nutritional supplement that helps you lose weight without stopping eating. This delicious meringue is very easy and practical, since in just a few seconds you can prepare it and taste it. Take it wherever you go and provide your body with everything it needs during training.

Properties of Adipo Block Depur from Prisma Natural

  • Improves metabolism
  • It has anti-stress properties
  • Gives you an organic cleanse in a completely natural way
  • Provides weight balance
  • It has anti-flatulence properties
  • Gives protection to the stomach and physical organs
  • Practical presentation in a delicious meringue.
  • Easy and quick to prepare, in just a few seconds you can enjoy a delicious drink.
  • It has an exquisite flavor.
  • Easy to carry.

If you want to have the desired body, you should try this delicious product that not only cleanses your body, but also keeps it free of fat and cholesterol. Adipo Block Depur by Prisma Natural It is ideal to drink with any companion, as it is a delicious instant drink, which has an incomparable flavor. Give energy to your days with this wonderful Prisma Natural product and revitalize yourself. You will be able to add flavor to your diets day by day in a practical and nutritious way, without worrying about gaining weight, since with this product you will be able to lose weight without stopping eating.

recommended use: As a food supplement, drink a glass of this delicious nutritious meringue before and after training.


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