Adaptogen – 60 Vegetable Capsules


Peak Adaptogen is a food supplement made from herbal extracts that have a long tradition in Asian folk medicine, recognized for their excellent stimulating properties that help in times of mental and physical stress, especially for athletes who usually train intensely and for people who go through stressful situations, providing them with the well-being they need.

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  • Main features of Peak's Adaptogen
  • What's in each shot of Peak's Adaptogen?
  • What is achieved with Peak's Adaptogen?
  • Peak Adaptogen RDA
  • Improve your overall performance with Adaptogen from Peak, a food supplement that will help you combat physical and mental stress.

    Peak Adaptogen is a highly effective food supplement, made from several plant extracts used traditionally in a special way in Asian folk medicine, especially since ancient times to help in times of physical stress, such as intense training or stressful situations. overall level. Peak's Adaptogen provides important catalysts to help you cope with stressful situations, helping to combat both physical and psychological stresses that are equally detrimental to the body. Peak's Adaptogen contains rhodiola, a plant with great adaptogenic and stimulating properties that has been used for many years for its great healing power, it also has extracts of ginseng, ashwagandha and shilajit, which act synergistically to further enhance the stimulating action and adaptogen of this food supplement. It is definitely an effective combination of proven natural healing substances with maximum functionality.

    Main features of the Peak's Adaptogen

    • It is a totally natural plant-based food supplement
    • Helps in situations of both physical and mental stress
    • It has adaptogenic and stimulating properties
    • Helps combat high physical and psychological stress
    • It is fast absorbing
    • recommended for athletes
    • It has no artificial components
    • It is very easy to use

    What's in each shot of the Peak's Adaptogen?

    This food supplement comes in a presentation in capsules that are absorbed more quickly in the body, which guarantees its high quality, it also has the appropriate amounts of each of its ingredients, which are also of completely natural origin, making it totally safe. and compatible with your healthy lifestyle.

    Content per dose (2 capsules):

    • Has 500 mg of rhodiola rosae extract (std. up to 4% rosavins)
    • Contains 400 mg of ginseng extract (15% ginsenosides)
    • Has 350 mg of ashwagandha extract (4% whitenolides)
    • Contains 250 mg of shilajit (20% fulvic acid)

    What is achieved with Peak's Adaptogen?

    Peak Adaptogen is a food supplement that you should definitely incorporate into your daily diet, as it will help you cope with general stress situations, which can cause poor performance in your training sessions if you are an athlete or in your daily life, as it has a synergistic combination of traditional plants that are really capable of helping to keep your body and mind in ideal conditions, so that you can effectively carry out all your day-to-day activities.

    Peak Adaptogen is recommended for athletes, students, people with vigorous daily activities and anyone who seeks to combat stress situations that can harm their performance, in addition to a completely natural and healthy way, collaborating with a healthy and balanced diet.

    Peak Adaptogen RDA

    • As a food supplement, take 1 capsule
    • Consume at any time
    • Take the dose 2 times a day


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