Acidophilus Plus Advanced – 60 Vegetable Capsule(s)


Acidophilus Plus Advanced from Solgar is a food supplement made with L. acidophilus and B. lactis microorganisms, extracted from non-dairy sources. It is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

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  • Solgar Acidophilus Plus Advanced Essentials
  • What ingredients does Acidophilus Plus Advanced have?
  • Recommended daily dose of Acidophilus Plus Advanced
  • Solgar Acidophilus Plus Advanced

    Acidophilus Plus Advanced concentrates microorganisms obtained from non-dairy sources. It contributes with microorganisms 250 million microorganisms L.acidophilus LA-5® and 250 million microorganisms B.lactis BB-12®, which are part of the Acidophilus Plus Advanced Complex.

    These bacteria of exclusive formulas are resistant to the action of stomach acids. This is because the probiotic supplements made by Solgar® use a polysaccharide matrix that preserves microorganisms friendly to the intestinal microbiota, and prevents them from being eliminated by acids produced by the digestive system.

    They have been made without gluten, yeast, wheat, dairy, or soy. They are suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets. They can be preserved without refrigeration.

    This food supplement should be consumed as part of a healthy meal plan.

    Essentials of Solgar Acidophilus Plus Advanced

    • Contains 500 million microorganisms L.acidophilus LA-5® and B.Lactis BB-12®.
    • Consumption suitable for men and women in adulthood.
    • Its microorganisms are resistant to stomach acids.
    • It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

    what ingredients does it have Acidophilus Plus Advanced?

    Acidophilus Plus Advanced comes in bottles containing 60 vegetable capsules of food supplement.

    Each capsule provides the following specifications:

    • Contains 250 million L.acidophilus LA-5® microorganisms.
    • Provides 250 million B.Lactis BB-12® microorganism.

    Both types of friendly bacteria are part of the Acidophilus PLus Advanced Complex.

    Recommended daily dose of Acidophilus Plus Advanced

    • Take up to 2 vegetable capsules per day.


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