AAKG Xplode – 300g


AAKG Xplode from Olimp Sport is arginine alpha ketoglutarate (AAKG) of the highest quality. This amino acid is the most bioavailable and effective way to supply the amino acid arginine and comes in a convenient and convenient format. Contains one of the most modern and best absorbed forms of arginine.

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AAKG Xplode from Olimp Sport is ideal for strength and power athletes, fans of martial arts, contact sports or high intensity sports.

AAKG Xplode by Olimp Sport arginine is an amino acid considered conditionally essential in certain situations such as when there is great muscle wasting or great metabolic stress. In addition to participating in protein synthesis, arginine is involved in the synthesis of other compounds such as nitric oxide, vasodilation and the production of compounds as important as creatine. Nitric oxide is a molecule that acts as a vasodilator, improving blood flow and the arrival of oxygen and nutrients to the different tissues. Its contribution can improve exercise tolerance, reduce muscle fatigue and improve male sexual capacity. In addition, arginine alpha ketoglutarate increases energy production in the cell and can favor protein synthesis thanks to the activation of the cellular pathway.

AAKG Xplode by Olimp Sport is a series of supplements based on absolutely innovative products specially designed for those with uncompromising requirements. The unique composition of the supplements is the result of the efforts of scientists from the Olimp laboratories, who created each product based on the most recent studies in the field of nutrition and supplementation for athletes and active people.The innovative composition of each Xplode product is based only on the most effective and pharmaceutically clean active substances, the effect of which has been well tested and documented. Xplode is a series of products characterized by their high solubility and surprising, intensely fruity aromatic flavors that can be freely combined and mixed.

AAKG Xplode by Olimp Sport It is ideal for endurance athletes who want to improve their exercise tolerance as well as promote the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. It is also perfect for Fitness users who want to perform well in their gym sessions and increase their muscle mass. It is also highly recommended for strength and power athletes, fans of martial arts, contact sports or high intensity sports. For all this, Olimp is the brand chosen by many athletes and active people around the world.

Properties of AAKG Xplode from Olimp Sport

  • Activates the formation of nitric oxide.
  • Promotes vasodilation and improve blood circulation.
  • Specially designed for athletes.
  • Training improvement.
  • Helps reduce fatigue.

AAKG Xplode by Olimp Sport is a high quality dietary supplement in the form of well assimilable arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG), which supplements the diet with L-arginine. It is perfect for you, try it and be surprised by the incredible results.

recommended use : Dissolve in liquid and mix, One to two times a day, Before training.


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