AAKG Shock – 1000ml


AAKG Shock is a dietary supplement from Biotech USA laboratories, whose main ingredient is arginine alpha ketoglutarate, a component that helps increase oxygen levels in the blood, which improves muscle response and considerably increases performance.

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AAKG Shock is a nutritional supplement in liquid format, made by Biotech USA, which provides the body with 6 grams of L-argine alpha-ketoglutarate, with the aim of obtaining maximum vascularity, improving strength, energy level and considerably developing resistance. To enhance its effect, it includes magnesium, the No. 1 enemy of tiredness and fatigue.

Thanks to this advanced formula, you can enjoy a maximum intensity workout. This is due to arginine, an amino acid of vital importance for certain vital functions, which will strengthen the immune system and ostensibly improve our performance in sports.

But how does arginine alpha-ketoglutarate work? It fulfills the function of an efficient nitric oxide stimulator, which in addition to giving you more strength during physical activity, will help you recover faster and create muscle mass completely free of fat. The arginine alpha-ketoglutarate solution present in AAKG Shock, it is a derivative of arginine that has been strongly enhanced to improve its effects.

Alpha-ketoglutarate is a basic substance for the production of cellular energy, which is also decisively involved in the metabolism of amino acids.

According to the latest research carried out, it is fully proven that athletes who take two grams of arginine for at least five weeks achieve a significant increase in muscle mass, an increase in strength and a decrease in the level of body fat.

In this way AAKG Shock It comes to act as a strong vasodilator that acts during and after physical activity, favoring blood irrigation, increasing muscle mass and collaborating in regeneration.

Thanks to its excellent properties, it facilitates the transport of both oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue, while considerably accelerating the purification of substances that are harmful to the body. such as ammonia and lactic acid.

And not only this, but also AAKG Shock It is responsible for maintaining the good health of the immune system, increasing energy levels and playing a prominent role in protein synthesis.

Like the rest of BioTech USA products, it is made up of 100% safe ingredients, which have previously been carefully selected. Drinking once a day 25 ml of AAKG ShockTwenty minutes before going to training, you will quickly notice the results.


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