AAKG Arginine – 120 Capsules


The AAKG Arginine from Natural Health is an advanced nutritional supplement with an important concentrate of Arginine combined with alpha-ketoglutarate, stimulating an increase in the levels of nitric acid in the blood and in the muscles, improving physical performance remarkably.

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AAKG Arginine from Natural Health, improves your performance and muscle performance to the limit

The AAKG Arginine from Natural Health is an advanced formula of the amino acid L-Carnitine, combined with alpha ketoglutarate, thus offering a state-of-the-art food supplement that will incredibly improve the physical and sports capabilities of the athlete or sportsperson who resorts to its consumption. Its main action is to drastically increase the amount of nitric oxide present in the blood and taking it directly to the muscles, thus generating a considerable vascularization, improving strength and physical resistance, promoting an increase in lean muscle mass, without fat and of course stimulating the muscle hypertrophy, improving protein synthesis and absorption of micronutrients in the muscles. In addition to this, it improves the body's immune response against diseases, colds or viruses and stimulates an acceleration of muscle regeneration, reducing recovery time and increasing its efficiency.

Increasing muscle mass and physical performance is an important part of the comprehensive development of any athlete or sportsperson who seeks to keep their body in optimal condition for competitions or simply to lead a healthy lifestyle and an active life, however many times they opt for supplements of doubtful or low quality that, contrary to the effect they seek, end up harming their health.Natural Health, a brand dedicated to producing and marketing natural supplements aimed at improving health and sports performance, bring their new AAKG Arginine, a unique compound of L-Arginine that promises to be an excellent ally in improving physical and muscular performance thanks to its stimulating effect of the production of nitric oxide, increasing vascularization to the muscles and therefore providing greater strength, energy, power and endurance. It is ideal for training regimens where the greatest possible increase in strength is sought as well as an increase in muscle volume without having to affect body fat levels. In addition, it complements this remarkable increase in strength with a regenerative effect on the muscles and an improvement in the immune system, as well as helping to prevent muscle catabolism and improving the absorption of micronutrients.

Properties of AAKG Arginine from Natural Health

  • Improves physical strength and endurance
  • Promotes lean muscle gain
  • Improves vascularization
  • Improves the immune system
  • Prevents muscle catabolism
  • Stimulates muscle regeneration

Give your muscles the best fuel to get the most out of your workouts with AAKG Arginine from Natural Health and take your physical performance to the next level.

recommended use: Take three to four capsules with plenty of water one hour before training.


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