A-Z Multivitamin & Mineral – 60 Tablets


A-Z multivitamins and minerals is a food supplement that will give you an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the optimal functioning of our body.


A-Z Lamberts Multivitamins and Minerals, A-Z Lamberts Multivitamins and Minerals brings together in a single tablet everything that the daily diet does not provide in a day.

Lamberts A-Z Multivitamin & Mineral is a multivitamin and mineral supplement that provides all the major micronutrients of daily needs. Vitamins are a group of organic nutrients that are essential for regulating chemical processes in the body. In general, the body cannot synthesize them, so they must be obtained through food or in the form of food supplements. The same happens with minerals, they are necessary to carry out multiple functions in the body such as the maintenance of bones, muscles and tissues, well-being of the nervous system, reduction of tiredness and fatigue, among others, but they cannot be synthesized and therefore, they must be supplied through the diet.

A-Z Lamberts Multivitamin & Mineral it is a useful supplement at a 'maintenance' level that can be taken from the age of 13. It is ideal for sportsmen or athletes since the higher the cost, the more need. If you move, your body uses more vitamins and minerals to keep the machine running. If you do not take care of your diet, because you eat poorly and do not choose quality foods or eat little to gain weight, you may have a deficiency of one or more of the vitamins and minerals you need to get the energy that moves your muscles. That is why we recommend this powerful food supplement, to ensure correct levels of these two vital nutrients for bone formation, recommended by health professionals.

A-Z Lamberts Multivitamin & Mineral brings together in a single tablet important vitamins and minerals, these are part of our body and the food we eat. They are micronutrients, our body needs them in low quantities compared to the needs of carbohydrates, proteins and fats (macronutrients), but their daily contribution is essential, since, with the exception of some vitamins, the body cannot synthesize them, and needs them for vital functions. It is also important to consider individual needs, since not all organisms have the same basic needs and within the same individual there may be situations that increase needs, such as physical exercise, pregnancy, stress, increased or decreased weight and others.

Lamberts A-Z Multivitamin & Mineral Facts

  • Reduces physical exhaustion.
  • Reduces cramps and spasms.
  • Helps energy production.
  • Reduces fatigue and decay.
  • Benefits the central nervous system.
  • Helps maintain muscles and tissues.
  • Reduces fatigue.
  • Helps the body function properly.

A-Z Lamberts Multivitamin & Mineral It contains 31 nutrients that are generally necessary to supplement to compensate for muscle or intellectual wear, which makes our product possibly the most powerful on the market. It benefits our body and makes us feel full of energy, health and well-being.

recommended use: As a dietary supplement, take for adults and children over 13 years of age, one tablet daily with food.


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