6.4 Amino + – 120 Capsules


6.4 Amino + from 226ers is a super effective formula based on the most important amino acids involved in muscle development and growth, such as glutamine and BCAAs, in an ideal ratio of 60:40 respectively, ideal for athletes who perform intense training that require more energy and strength for optimal results.

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  • Characteristics of 6.4 Amino + of 226ERS
  • Format, composition and ingredients of 6.4 Amino +
  • Why take the 6.4 Amino + from 226ERS?
  • Recommended daily dose of 6.4 Amino +
  • 6.4 Amino + from 226ers the amino acid formula that will help you reach your goals quickly and effectively.

    6.4 Amino + from 226ers is a food supplement that provides an ideal and effective combination of glutamine and BCAAs in a proportion that aims to slightly influence the importance of glutamine, essential for long-term activities, as well as those of short duration but intense, also with the addition of branched chain amino acids in a ratio of 8:1:1, contributing to a rapid recovery after exercise.

    Features of the 6.4 Amino + by 226ERS

    • It is a food supplement based on glutamine, BCAAs and other important amino acids for the body
    • Contributes to a quick recovery after exercise
    • Improves overall performance during training
    • Provides energy
    • Improves the body's resistance
    • Helps the body's defense system
    • Ideal for high endurance athletes
    • Supports the development and growth of strong, healthy muscles
    • Maintains healthy gastrointestinal tract and normal immune functions
    • Reduces perceived exertion during exercise

    Format, composition and ingredients of the 6.4 Amino +

    This food supplement comes in a presentation in capsules of maximum absorption and very easy to use, with the right and adequate amounts of each and every one of its ingredients, without artificial components of any kind, which makes it very reliable when it comes to eat, contributing to healthy diets.

    Content per 6 capsules:

    • It has 2070 mg of L-glutamine
    • It has 1104 mg of L-leucine
    • It has 240 mg of L-arginine
    • It has 240 mg of L-tyrosine
    • It has 138 mg of L-isoleucine
    • It has 138 mg of L-valine

    why take the 6.4 Amino + by 226ERS?

    6.4 Amino + from 226ers is a food supplement that will contribute to good performance for productive and effective training.

    • Supports proper recovery after exercise, provides energy and helps build muscle, among other great benefits
    • Ideal for high-intensity athletes looking to perform better in their workouts
    • Recommended for men and women athletes who follow restrictive diets, such as vegans and vegetarians

    Recommended daily dose of 6.4 Amino +

    • Take 6 capsules a day
    • Consume 3 capsules just before exercise and 3 capsules immediately after exercise.


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