40% Low Carb HIGH PROTEIN bar – 50 g


Weider 40% Low Carb High Protein Bar is a delicious snack that you will always want to have at your disposal. It is composed of 40% protein and provides only 2% carbohydrates. Enjoy this healthy snack with which you can boost your amino acids. You can take it wherever you want, to taste it at any time.

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Weider 40% Low Carb High Protein bar delicious, crispy and nutritious. Strengthen your amino acids and enjoy a great taste!

Weider 40% Low Carb High Protein Bar is a low-carbohydrate bar with a high protein content, which you can easily add to your diet.

It has 40% protein and only 2% net carbohydrates. This means that its carbohydrates are mostly polyols, which cannot be ingested by the body. Therefore, they are expelled and only a minimal amount is assimilated by the digestive system. That is why you can consume these bars knowing that they will provide you with protein, of great nutritional value, and an irrelevant level of carbohydrates. You can add it to a balanced diet and at the same time enjoy a very pleasant snack.

If you train or have a healthy lifestyle, you should have this Bar 40% Low Carb High Protein from Weider. Needless to say, you need a good source of protein to strengthen your muscles and have good physical capacity. They are also necessary to provide you with energy and perform more during your exercise routines. And a snack like this makes an excellent supply of amino acids during the day. They are excellent to add to a low-carbohydrate diet, and can replace a main meal when you are away from home. In the same way, they are a great option to snack, or to eat something between meals and avoid other unhealthy snacks.

Enjoy in addition to Weider 40% Low Carb High Protein Bar, when you just want to eat something sweet. Other bars and treats have an excessive amount of sugars that are not the most nutritious option. These snacks have been created with a high protein value and low sugar level. Its wonderful flavors have been achieved with fattening dietary ingredients. So if you want to taste a delicacy, you should choose this product before any other that the market offers. Take advantage of its virtues, which will help you take care of your figure and define your muscles, if you are undergoing strength training. It is also an exquisite snack, which is a great pleasure to savor.

Specifications of 40% Low Carb High Protein Bar from Weider per 100 grams:

  • It has 8.9 g of fat and 22 g of carbohydrates, with 19 g of polyols.
  • It provides 40 g of protein and 2.4 of sugar.
  • It may have some variation depending on the flavor of the bar.

Weider 40% Low Carb High Protein Bar is a healthy bar that you can eat at any time. Contribute to your nutrition with a high protein content and a low level of carbohydrates. It is an excellent snack for athletes, people on a low-carb diet and for those who want to enjoy a delicious and very healthy snack.

Recommended use: consume only one bar per day. Those who do sports should consume it after training. Other people can taste one between meals.


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