226ERS Bottle – 1000ml


226ers bottle is a sports bottle or bottle, ideal for carrying your hydrating drinks in the safest way, making it a truly essential tool when training or competing, also giving you a unique and particular style due to its attractive design, it is comfortable, resistant, durable and 100% functional.

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Carry your hydration drinks in the safest and most comfortable way with the great Bottle from 226ers.

226ers bottle is an ideal sports water bottle or bottle to carry your hydrating drinks with you in the most comfortable and safe way, giving you style and safety, thanks to the fact that it is made with the best materials that guarantee quality, durability and resistance, with an original ergonomic design that allows you to hold it in a practical and comfortable way, making it easy to handle when using it, on the other hand it has a wide main nozzle to add water or the isotonic and/or hydrating drink of your choice and with a lid that closes hermetically to avoid unexpected spills, it also has a small spout to drink directly from it, which offers the amount you want in a way that you can drink comfortably, plus you can adjust it as you want, closing it at the time of finish drinking.

226ers bottle has a really innovative design, with striking colors, especially in a white color with the brand name and its slogan "feed your dreams" (feed your dreams), those in black that give a perfect contrast, so which is special for both men and women, in addition to the fact that it brings the written brand logo, it will give you prestige, since 226ers is one of the best sports brands currently in the industry. Likewise, its strong material resists falls and is very light, so it will surely give you maximum satisfaction after use.

226ers bottle can not only be used at the time of training, you can also take it with you on a day trip, to the park for a run and even to the beach or other recreation place, so you can carry your favorite drinks in a comfortable, simple way. and efficient. The 226ers bottle has an ideal size with a capacity of 1 liter, so you don't have to worry if your training is long-lasting, because you can place the ideal amount of your drink you need in it to stay hydrated. You can take the 226ers bottle with you on the go, as it fits perfectly in your backpack or gym bag without any problem.

226ers bottle

  • It is a high quality bottle, to add drinks
  • Made with strong and durable material
  • It is comfortable and easy to grip
  • With anti-spill lid
  • It is light and soft to the touch
  • It has a nice and practical design.
  • It has a nice black and white color
  • Resists unexpected falls
  • Ideal for athletes

If you are looking for a beautiful, resistant, durable, comfortable and easy to use and transport bottle, then the 226ers Bottle is perfect for you, so you can stay hydrated at all times.

recommended use: Use this bottle to add your favorite drinks and enjoy them in a practical way.


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