100% Whey – 3000g


100% Whey from Protein Buzz is a high-performance nutritional supplement, whose formula is based on whey protein, one of the best proteins that exist due to its excellent content of essential amino acids that help with the formation and recovery of mass. muscular. It is also enriched with glutamine, leucine and taurine that improve its already powerful formula.

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  • Main characteristics of 100% Whey from Protein Buzz
  • Ingredients and format of 100% Whey from Protein Buzz
  • Benefits of 100% Whey from Protein Buzz
  • How do you take 100% Whey?
  • Promotes the healthy growth of your muscle mass, providing the best highly nutritious whey protein of 100% Whey from Protein Buzz

    Protein is an essential nutrient for the body, since it is an element that is present in all body tissues and contributes to important body functions. For athletes, protein forms a crucial component in your diet, it allows you to get the best result from your training, as it nourishes muscle mass and improves its development and performance. Protein helps muscles grow healthy and strong, allowing the athlete to improve their strength.

    100% Whey from Protein Buzz is a protein supplement that uses whey as its main source of protein, one of the best and most reliable sources of this essential nutrient. Protein Buzz's 100% Whey protein guarantees the supply of all the amino acids necessary for the proper functioning of bones, tissues and muscles, while keeping them in the best conditions. 100% Whey from Protein Buzz even has the 9 essential amino acids, among which is one of the most important for optimal muscle growth, L-Leucine, which in turn is part of the essential branched-chain amino acids.With all this, it is fair to say that 100% Whey from Protein Buzz is the best option when it comes to giving your body the best contribution of quality proteins that you can offer.

    Main features of 100% Whey from Protein Buzz

    • Contains the highest quality whey protein concentrate
    • Provides all the essential amino acids for the body
    • It is the best source of protein
    • Promotes the best functioning of bones and muscles
    • Promotes tissue health Increases strength
    • Promotes the growth and development of lean, healthy muscle mass
    • It is ideal for athletes
    • Its ingredients are all of natural origin
    • It has no side effects on the body

    Ingredients and format 100% Whey from Protein Buzz

    100% Whey from Protein Buzz is a dietary and sports food supplement in powder format, which you can mix with your favorite drink, to form a powerful protein shake that will provide you with extraordinary nutrients for your body and your muscles.

    Main contents per 100 gr (chocolate flavor, these values ​​may vary depending on the flavor):

    • Contains an energy value of 403 Kcal
    • It has 7.1 grams of fat, of which 4.8 grams are saturated fats
    • It has 9.9 g of carbohydrates, of which 7.8 g are sugars
    • Contains 74 grams of protein
    • It has 0.9 gr of salt

    Benefits of 100% Whey from Protein Buzz

    It is designed to be a supplement that provides you with the necessary amounts of protein to improve the performance of your muscles, increasing their size, their strength and optimizing their development and functionality. In addition, Protein Buzz 100% Whey is also ideal for improving bone health and nourishing tissues, all in one extraordinary product.

    100% Whey from Protein Buzz is ideal for athletes looking to promote the growth of muscle mass in a fast, safe and healthy way, guaranteeing clean and strong muscle tissue, nourished with what is necessary for its proper development.It is perfect for people looking to meet daily protein requirements.

    How do you take 100% Whey?

    • As a food supplement, mix a dose of 30 g of product in water, milk or juice.
    • Take the number of times that the user deems convenient according to their needs
    • It is recommended to take the supplement at times close to physical exercise


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