100% Pure Whey – 2.27kg


100% Pure Whey from BioTech USA is an excellent nutritional supplement based on the best whey concentrate plus a high supply of BCAAs to prepare protein shakes and ensure proper muscle maintenance. In addition, it is a magnificently healthy mixture since it is free of gluten, added sugars, aspartame and preservatives.

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100% Pure Whey from BioTech USA: nourish your muscles with the best protein shake and ensure proper muscle maintenance

100% Pure Whey from BioTech USA is an excellent sports supplement based on the best protein concentrate derived from whey plus a high supply of BCAAs to prepare shakes and ensure effective maintenance of the muscles, in addition, it promotes recovery, prevents degradation of the tissues and helps to cover the daily requirements in the face of sports demands.

Generally, proteins are essential nutrients in the diet of athletes since they contribute to developing or maintaining muscle mass, however, we know that obtaining proteins only from food can be ineffective, but there is no reason to lose your cool, 100% Pure Whey is an excellent nutritional supplement to prepare protein shakes and ensure a fast and efficient intake of protein to the body. One of the main advantages of this mixture is that it contains everything an athlete needs, first of all, because it is made from the best whey concentrate, providing up to 78% protein to the diet and, on the other hand, , adds an extra BCAA, making it an excellent option to take after training and achieve optimal muscle regeneration or maintenance.

The consumption of protein shakes, as in this case of 100% Pure Whey, is the perfect ally for every athlete who wants to look good and achieve effective results and, best of all, this mixture is lightly assimilated, so taking it before or after the routine will not cause any discomfort. It is even so healthy that it does not contain gluten, aspartame, added sugars or preservatives, so 100% Pure Whey is really a good option to enjoy the best protein shake, nourish your muscles and achieve any goal. When it comes to convenience, 100% Pure Whey comes in a delicious and creamy presentation, ideal to take to the training site and drink immediately after finishing the routine. It's certainly a much easier way to provide a great source of protein to your muscles, especially when they need it most.

Properties of 100% Pure Whey from BioTech USA

  • High-protein, BCAA-rich shake mix
  • Does not contain gluten, preservatives or added sugars
  • Aspartame Free
  • Ensures proper muscle maintenance
  • Helps to effectively cover the requirements
  • Promotes optimal recovery

100% Pure Whey is a wise decision to provide the muscles with high quality and effective nutrients, therefore, it should not be missing from the diet of any athlete or fitness enthusiast who wants to achieve well-developed muscles.

recommended use: mix 28 g of powder in 250 ml of water and shake vigorously. Take the shake after training or between meals.


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