100% Predator Protein – 1Kg


Predator Protein from Amix is ​​an excellent option when choosing a nutritional supplement, since it contains Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC), it helps the growth, restoration and maintenance of muscles in athletes, sportsmen or people who have an exercise regimen and want to accelerate the proposed goals.

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Amix Predator Protein, Boost your performance!

Amix Predator Protein It is a protein supplement, where one of its main components is the Whey Concentrate, a powerful source of energy, of a high biological level that is easily assimilated by the body, that is, easily absorbed, additionally, it contains essential amino acids such as Leucine . This supplement is low in fat, which helps to balance the diet, it is also free of aspartame, a non-caloric sweetener present in soft drinks, it has delicious flavors to choose from such as banana, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, cream and cookie. , apple and cinnamon, for any taste.

Amix Predator Protein It is ideal for stimulating muscle in athletes and athletes, allowing it to grow, it is also an important and complete source of protein of great value in the training stage, since it is in the latter when there is a greater feeling of hunger and a way to reduce it is by consuming protein. In addition, it contains enzymes that allow rapid digestion, strengthens the immune system, neutralizes the degradation of the proteins that make up the muscle tissues, obtaining the reconstruction of these in stronger tissues, especially in sports that require greater resistance, which The great thing about this product is that it maintains the muscle gains acquired after so much effort and commitment.

Amix Predator Protein especially for athletes and/or athletes who are in rigorous training and who need a complete supplement with all the proteins and essential amino acids, to avoid catabolism and also help them improve physical performance, removing fatigue and exaggerating tiredness after training. As a supplement, it helps to obtain the proteins, minerals, vitamins and amino acids that the body needs to function satisfactorily in the activities it performs to reach the goal set, obtaining good results and then maintaining them.

Properties of Predator Protein from Amix

  • Physical performance
  • Maintenance
  • fast absorption
  • It has a rich flavor
  • Prevents muscle catabolism
  • Different flavors to choose from
  • Take away fatigue and tiredness

Amix Predator Protein is a supplement based on Concentrated Whey protein, ideal for athletes in constant training and who demand extra efforts, who want results visibly faster and that are not harmful to the body, it has a high nutritional value and one of the most beneficial benefits The most important thing without a doubt is that it avoids catabolism, preventing what has been achieved at the muscular level from being lost.

recommended use : As a dietary supplement, take 2 or 3 doses a day, each consisting of 30g of this supplement with 200-300ml of water, skimmed milk or any other drink you want, preferably take one of these doses on an empty stomach and one at the end of training. .

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