100% Maltodextrin – 2500g


100% Maltodextrin from Best Protein is an ideal dietary supplement to increase endurance and energy during training by inhibiting the feeling of fatigue, thus improving physical performance during the most demanding workouts.

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100% Maltodextrin from Best Protein, maximum physical performance without fatigue

100% Maltodextrin from Best Protein is an energizing formula designed to offer the highest possible physical performance to the body thanks to its incredible contribution of dextrose polymers in inexact sizes. removing the sweet taste, thus allowing a prolonged release into the bloodstream for a prolonged period of time so you can enjoy greater resistance and energy for much longer, offering you the possibility of being combined with other supplements such as BCAAs or with hydrolyzed proteins to maximize their benefits. It is ideal for workouts that last at least more than an hour, preventing glucose (energy) deposits from running out prematurely by regenerating them while you train. In addition, its absorption is almost instantaneous since it does not go through digestion, but rather It is absorbed directly in the small intestine, which makes it an ideal option for athletes, bodybuilders and even trainers who require the highest possible physical performance in their training.

Glucose is an essential part of the body's energy process, since it is from it that energy can be metabolized, both for vital functions and for physical exercises or mental activity, and that at a certain point, these energy reserves glucose can be depleted, resulting in physical and mental fatigue and exhaustion.Best Protein, a company focused on sports nutrition, brings its new product called 100% Maltodextrin, an innovative formula made from dextrose polymers in unequal sizes, generating a gradual release into the blood, replenishing glucose deposits as they go. using and increasing the duration of the effect. This is possible with just one daily intake, so you will have no problem combining the use of 100% Maltodextrin from Best Protein with other sports supplements. Now staying energetic and being able to withstand the most extensive workouts is possible thanks to Best Protein and its 100% Maltodextrin, quality supplementation and with the greatest reliability.

Properties of 100% Maltodextrin from Best Protein

  • Increases energy and physical endurance
  • Replenishes glucose levels as they are used, preventing their depletion
  • Improves the response of the muscles by keeping them energized
  • Improves physical and mental performance in general
  • Inhibits the feeling of exhaustion or fatigue
  • Rapidly absorbed maltodextrin as it does not have to be digested

Always stay on the pitch with 100% Maltodextrin from Best Protein and enjoy longer-lasting and, of course, effective training sessions.

recommended use: Dilute around 65g of product in 500ml of water and consume at least 30 minutes before training.


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