Shipping from the company “”

Our company appreciates each client and regularly makes shipments to the European Union and the United States of America. Prices for sports pharmaceuticals presented in our store are much lower than in many countries. That is why the demand for European orders is increasing. When you make an order from the U.S. our managers will process your order for two days. Processing time depends on the workload of our managers.

After our managers will process your order they will send you an invoice for payment. Within 3 working days, the client has to pay for the medication ordered and send us a receipt showing the date of payment, amount transferred, and the number of the bank account to which the money was transferred. The sooner the customer provides us with this information, the sooner we can identify the payment and begin collecting your order. Please note that we will ship your order to the USA, within 4-10 days after we receive your payment.

Please note that if you pay from other countries, it will take 24-48 business hours for the funds to reach our account. This should be taken into consideration, because some customers are very upset when the money does not come in half an hour.

After collecting and sending the order, the customer is sent a tracking number, with the help of which you can track the location of the parcel. An important fact is that we are responsible for the ordered sports pharmaceutical products exclusively on the territory of U.S.. Once the parcel has crossed customs, we can not affect the movement of your order.

Our company sells sports pharmaceuticals and is not a delivery service. That is why we do not affect the delivery time and are not responsible for transportation of orders in the U.S. The drugs are shipped by international mail. Estimated delivery time is 10 days and longer.

If a customer receives his parcel and notices that the package is damaged, then we recommend to contact our managers within five days and send them a picture of the parcel. To settle the situation, “” company is ready to offer its customers a discount for the next order.

Our company guarantees the delivery of orders. In case the parcel is returned to our office and did not pass the customs, we return the money to the client. Also a refund is possible if the customer refused his order before packing.

Please note that a refund is possible only when the package is returned to us. This is due to the fact that some dishonest customers ask for their money back a week after sending the order, with time to receive their order.

Important! If you did not pick up your parcel within a certain period or were absent during courier delivery to the address, so we will return the parcel back to the warehouse of our company. In this case, we offer reshipment of your order subject to payment of delivery (cost 45 euros) or we can make a refund in the amount of 50% of the value of your order ( we cannot refund the full cost of the order due to double payment of the customs fee and also a number of products have a limited shelf life)

How much does shipping cost in the USA?

If your order is up to 200 euro, the cost of delivery is 45 euro. If the cost of the order ranges from 200 to 300 euros, then the approximate delivery cost will be 25 euros. If a client orders sports pharmaceuticals for more than 300 euros, our company covers all delivery costs.

Important! Our online sports pharmacy store reserves the right to replace the product with a similar one with the same active ingredient but from a different manufacturer. Such substitution can be made only if the product you ordered is out of stock.

Replacement of a product in your order is always done with a product of the same quality and price or with a product of a more expensive premium class.

Thank you for your understanding! You can be sure that by replacing an item in your order, you lose nothing and, in most cases, receive a higher quality and more expensive product than you ordered.